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ELMATEC Ltd. serves the Russian and CIS market and sells high-tech materials used in electrical engineering, electronics, power industry and other segments of industry.
Since 2004 our company is an official distributor of a Von Roll (Switzerland). Von Roll is a global market leader in insulation products, systems and services.

Our suppliers are the worldwide leaders in production of a wide range of high-tech electrical insulation materials.
ELMATEC is focused on meeting the growing industrial demands in view of the quality and safety requirements.

Since 2011 ELMATEC is an official distributor of FLUORSEALS S.p.A (Italy) – European biggest company in PTFE treatment.

ELMATEC is the full-range supplier of insulation materials and systems:

  • Varnishes, resins and mastics
  • Films
  • Laminates, fabric-based laminates and fiber-glass laminates
  • Cables and wires
  • Cords
  • Tapes.

Some products are sold from Moscow warehouse.

ELMATEC also provides full range of services from materials selection and ordering to customer’s warehouse door delivery.


ELMATEC 10th anniversary!

ELMATEC celebrates it’s 10th anniversary in 2014.  Several hundreds of projects on industrial materials selection and supply have been implemented in different Russian industries.  High-tech materials have been introduced in aero-space and oil industries, the world greatest hydropower projects and nuclear power, bridge construction and electronics, new transformers and traction motors designs functioning all over Russia and abroad.

These achievements are based on a unique combination of our partners’ production feasibility as well as our staff expertise in the materials properties, application and processing possibilities.

Our unique and conventional solutions sometimes remain off-screen. Therefore some of them should be pointed out:

  • sheets of glass fiber laminates thickness 0.2 – 250mm, up to 8m long, tubes up to 6m long;
  • high frequency litz wires consisting of over 3000 strands;
  • conventional  wires with thermal resistance 240°С and special-purpose wires up to 600°С resistant;
  • materials suitable at extremely low temperatures 0 °К and heat-resistant  materials with long-term endurance of 1200°С;
  • Kevlar® based banding tapes stronger than steel, possible form of supply - up to 1800 m tape in cross-wound spools;
  • Unique potting and impregnating resins of room temperature curing and 220°С operating temperature suitable for VPI impregnation possessing unique viscosity, curing, ecological and reliability properties;
  • Complicated high-grade custom-made parts are manufactured of virgin or filled plastics  and high-pressure laminates  with operating temperature up to 310°С.
  • A great deal more.

We would like to thank our partners for cooperation, especially Von Roll, Fluorseals and DuPont doing their utmost to develop long-term and beneficial relationship.

Close collaboration with our customers’ engineers, designers and manufacturing engineers over 10 years enabled us to successfully execute a lot of materials implementation and supply projects. We thank them for cooperative attitude and trust.



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107113 Moscow, Russia

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