Изоляционные и конструкционные композитные и полимерные материалы

Insulating and construction composites and polymer materials for electrical and mechanical engineering

ELMATEC Ltd. is an engineering company selecting, delivering, modifying and processing industrial materials from Europe, Asia and USA.

ELMATEC Ltd. is dedicated to wholesale of electrical insulating materials and systems, flexible and hard high-temperature composites and plastics, polymeric compounds.

ELMATEC Ltd. is an official distributor of Von Roll, Fluorseals. Our suppliers are the leading manufacturers of hi-tech general purpose electrical insulating materials.

Insulating and construction composites and polymer materials for electrical and mechanical engineering
  • History

    Electrical engineers and especially power engineering industry specialists are well aware of the new materials complex and time-consuming implementation process requiring technical support. Meanwhile sometimes for the solution of production problems new materials are needed urgently or extremely urgently.

    Therefore a distributing company is an important element for material and electrical machines manufacturers.

    That is why from the outset in 2004 our business is focused on technical support as well as stock building and developing import logistic solutions.

    We decided to stake on developing cooperation with the Swiss Holding Von Roll – the global market leader for insulating materials and systems for electric rotating machines. Nowadays Von Roll is still our key partner.

    Our cooperation with Von Roll establishes high professional work standards on selection of materials destined to enlarge product ranges. New products enable designers to develop high-performance devices.

    Solid cooperation is established with DuPont in distribution and processing of insulating aramid Nomex ® papers and pressboards. These materials are very important element of up-to-date insulating systems in transformers and generators.

    Our cooperation with Fluorseals resulted from the high-grade PTFE products requirement.

    So in the course of solving everyday practical problems we specified our development vectors:

    • selection of high-grade materials and technologies;
    • reliable suppliers – leading world manufacturers, European and North American brands;
    • solution of a wide range of construction and technical tasks which are difficult to solve by means of conventional materials – niche markets activities;
    • extension of products range and suppliers in the course of new solutions search;
    • flexibility of logistics solutions.

    In 2017 elmatec® trade mark for our products and engineering solution is registered.

  • Present

    ELMATEC Ltd. is a wholesale and engineering company focused on hi-tech industrial materials and equipment supply from Europe, USA, Asia.

    Based on customers’ specifications we select, modify and process materials.

    Manufacturing application of new materials and production methods is provided with technical consulting.

    At present we’re official distributors of:

    • Von Roll (Switzerland) – the world leading manufacturer of insulating materials and systems for electrical machines;
    • Fluorseals (Italy) – European leader in PTFE processing;
    • Castech (Italy) – manufacturer of outstanding wires thermo crimping machines
    • Kisling (Switzerland) – developer and manufacturer of industrial adhesives and sealants;
    • SO. NI (Italy) – manufacturer of slitting and rewinding machines for flexible materials.

    We also cooperate with many leading European companies:

    • EXEL (Finland) – one of the leading European manufacturers of composites profiles;
    • DEHONIT (Germany) – manufacturer of compressed laminated wood;
    • E. BOURGEOIS (France) – manufacturer of technical textiles and other companies.

    New products are implemented in aerospace industry, oil industry, major hydropower projects as well as nuclear industry, bridge construction and electronics, new designs of traction motors and transformers operating all over Russia and abroad.

    Our clients are the major Russian manufacturing and R&D companies.

    The key to our success is a unique combination of manufacturing and technological capabilities of our partners and our expertise in material properties and application.

    In 2019, we opened the online-store elmacom.ru

  • Advantages

    We’re keen to meet the production requirements of our customers according to contemporary quality and safety standards.

    Our advantages:

    • We offer up-to-date, high-grade industrial materials.
    • We can provide precise material processing up to semi-finished articles and custom-made products in Europe and in Russia.
    • We maintain stock of a wide product range to provide our regular customers’ demands.
    • We provide technical, processing and application support on the products we supply.
    • We provide free product samples for testing as well as our participation in testing.
    • We select and deliver the required equipment on a «turn-key» basis.
    • In cooperation with leading forwarding companies we provide quick deliveries of conventional and dangerous goods.
    • ELMATEC Ltd. is registered in several customs terminals in Moscow and Moscow region, in Smolensk region and in the Far East (Vladivostok) to be able to choose the best schedule of delivery and customs clearance.

    ELMATEC Ltd. is ready to offer the following remarkable solutions:

    • Glass fabric laminates, thickness from 0. 2 to 250 mm;
    • Glass fabric laminate tubes, length up to 6 m;
    • Glass fabric laminate panels, length up to 10 m;
    • Heat resistant mica based products up to 1200°C;
    • Chemical and thermal resistant virgin and filled engineering plastic products up to 310°C;
    • Modified compounds for resin casted bus bars production;
    • Fire retardant materials for oil industry and much more;
    • Unique thermo-connecting equipment for stranded wires;
    • Compact, installation-free machines for slitting and rewinding insulating flexible materials;
    • Modern industrial adhesive systems and sealants (anaerobes, silicones, acrylic, methacrylate and epoxy adhesives);
    • Industrial sprays, varnishes and aerosols for cleaning, lubricating, isolating and protecting equipment elements and devices in electrical engineering and electronics.
  • Our team
    Yan Boksiner
    General manager
    Chemical engineer

    Alexander Ryazantsev
    Deputy general manager
    Radio engineer

    Vitaly Lavrentyev
    Technical director
    Electromechanical engineer

    Naira Lvova
    Polymer materials expert
    Chemical engineer

    Konstantin Khromyshkin
    Project manager
    Mechanical engineer

    Boris Chesalin
    Warehouse manager

    Olga Radbil
    Chief accountant
    Corrado Ltd.

    Elizaveta Briunetkina
    Accounting and audit expert
    Corrado Ltd.

  • Contacts

    ELMATEC Ltd. Head office:

    1-A Sokolnichesky Val, office 310
    107113 Moscow, Russia

    +7 (499) 707-70-71 (multichannel)

    Email: elmatec.ru@gmail.com

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